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Epic dinner fail for the win!


So it’s been a couple years since I last blogged. Well, I’m baaaack! Quite honestly I missed it. So you ask, why did I stop? I got caught up in the what if it’s not perfect? I don’t have time to make it perfect! No one reads them anyway, right?! This is what stops so many writers from living their dream (I know I’m not alone here).

I don’t necessarily want to be a writer but blogging brings me joy, food brings me joy, and sharing those things makes me happy. So here I am, doing what I makes me happy.
So, the title… I had planned on making Balsamic Chicken tonight, and making that my returning blog post. Well, guess who forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer? Guilty as charged! I don’t like defrosting chicken in the microwave; it’s a personal preference. And the warm water thing was taking too long.

So I needed an alternative….and a fast one as it was already 6:15 pm! I thought about the good ole standby, breakfast for dinner. Yeah, been there, done that. I needed something quick and filling as I have a hungry crew. 💡 Frittata!! That’s it, I’m going to make a frittata! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve made one.  Oh, but what to put in it?

Since it’s been so long I needed a little help. So, I found a basic recipe here. For my veggies I decided on onion, baby bella’s and spinach. My son asked if there was going to be meat in it so I used a package of sausage I had in the freezer.

Here’s how I made it. I put about 3 Tbsp. olive oil in my skillet over med/high heat. After it began to warm I added the diced onion and bella’s.

While they were sautéing I cooked the sausage in the microwave (all 6 from the package) and then diced them in large pieces.  I also cracked 8 eggs, added salt and pepper and lightly beat them as per the recipe.

Once the onion/bella’s were soft I added the spinach; I just added a couple handfuls.  After that had cooked down I added the sausage, dried parsley and garlic powder. I gave the group a quick stir so everyone got to know each other.
Next, I poured the egg in, and as per the recipe directions gave it a stir then waited for it to pull away from the sides of the pan. After that it was into my 350 * oven for 15 minutes. Then voilá (sort of) dinner was ready!

Yes, I have to put the oven mitt on the hot handle or I forget that it’s hot. Yes, I learned this the hard way.

So that’s it! I hope you decide to make a frittata soon as it was a big hit here. If so, please share what ingredients you used.

One last note: the recipe calls for milk. Since I’m dairy free I just left it out. So, what’s for dinner at your house?