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Don’t be afraid of Mahi Mahi.


mahi mahi with smashed cauliflowerSo this week, fresh caught Mahi Mahi was on sale. I thought, I’ve never cooked it before but what they hey…I’ll give it a shot. I had one pound of mahi mahi and not really a clue on how to cook it. So what does one do? Go on-line and look at recipe’s of course! I found one with an Asian marinade I liked but it was pan cooked and I wanted to bake it. Upon further investigation I found other recipes for baked mahi mahi. I did what any girl would do…I combined and tweaked them into my own creation! Not only did it have an asian marinade, but you then cook the marinade down a little to create a sauce. My son LOVES sauces with his food; apple didn’t fall far from the tree here. There was only one question left, “what veggie should I serve with it?” To the vegetable drawer in my fridge I went, only to discover some cauliflower that needed to be eaten. Plain steamed cauliflower is NOT a veggie my son or I really like, so I decided on smashed cauliflower. It’s kind of like mashed potatoes only healthier.

After putting it on the table my son looked at it and said “I don’t think I’m going to like this”. Well, I gave him a small piece. He finished it in no time and asked for more. He ended up eating 1/2 lb of the fish and asked for more!

I’ll post both recipes under the Recipe tab I’m going to create. Just one word of caution. The recipe uses tamari (gf soy sauce) and balsamic vinegar. It is not recommended to wear white (or off-white) when preparing this marinade. NO, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you are guaranteed to get some on your white article of clothing….I found out the hard way. What’s for dinner at your house?