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Snowstorm? No French Toast Here!


Homemade ChiliSo there’s a snow storm coming and I have to go to the store for…..limes. Yes, limes, for my Friday and Saturday night homemade skinny margaritas. While at the store I start thinking about dinner. What was I going to make? I’m racking my brain and I have no clue (I’ll blame the memory loss on a busy week). So while I’m walking around trying to find an onion dip without MSG I decide I want to make chili. Easy enough. I realize there is only one ingredient I don’t have….beans. Luckily I’m still at the store and I buy 2 cans of organic chili beans. I get home and have soup for lunch and decide shortly thereafter I need to start the chili. I put the dried chipolte’s in hot water and start dinner. I’ll post the recipe under the recipe tab. I taste tested it and it was good, but as with all chili it needed some time for the flavors to meld/blend/whatever you call it. Needless to say by the time my kids came home from school the house smelled REALLY good! Upon entering the house Mark (my son) said “MMMMM it smells good, what’s that?”. Before I could answer I heard him lift the lid to the pot. A couple hours later he was wolfing down his 2nd bowl……

Note: About the onion dip comment; I wanted to treat myself to potato chips and onion dip. I can’t eat regular onion dip because the ingredients either make me sick or make my son itchy. I usually buy Simply Organic French Onion Dip (it’s in a packet) but I couldn’t find it. So I proceeded to check every packet and container of onion dip in the store. They all either contained wheat, MSG, and/or a corn sweetener. Big bummer! I settled on Kettle Brand Sweet Onion Potato chips. And yes, they were delicious!